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Dr. Cameron Mackereth Group Leader
(Inserm CR1)
 +33 (0)5 4000 3432
Pierre Bonnafous
Dr. Pierre Bonnafous
(Univ. Bordeaux MdC)
+33 (0)5 4000 2213
Sabrina Rousseau
Sabrina Rousseau
(Inserm IE)
+33 (0)5 4000 3081
Kashyap Dr. Kashyap Maruthi
Postdoc +33 (0)5 4000 3081
Michal Jewginski
Dr. Michal Jewginski
(shared with Huc group)
Postdoc +33 (0)5 4000 3081
file:///home/cmac/Desktop/Edward.jpg Heddy Soufari
Phd student
 +33 (0)5 4000 3081


Xiaqian Xu
Dr. Xiaoqian Xu
santosh_photo Dr. Sanotsh Kumar Upadhyay
samir_photo Dr. Samir Amrane Postdoc
Yoan Monneau PhD
Dr. Sarah Bourbigot Postdoc
file:///home/cmac/Desktop/Edward.jpg Antoine Baudin
Master (M2)
Virginie Virginie Juteau Student
file:///home/cmac/Desktop/Edward.jpg Edward Sparks  Student

Past 'Associate' Members

Maria photo
Maria Moreno-Morcillo  in the lab of
Sébastien Fribourg


The main lab is located on the north end first floor of the IECB building. The building is located in Pessac just west of the centre of Bordeaux, at the corner of rue Robert Escarpit and avenue du Docteur Albert Schweitzer. Tram stop 'Doyen Brus' on Line B is 200 m nearby along rue Robert Escarpit. IECB
The on-site 400, 700 and 800 MHz NMR spectrometers are just below, in a room shared with other spectrometers aimed at solid state experiments and analysis of smaller chemical compounds.

Due to the nature of our protein and nucleic acid samples, we routinely use the 700 MHz Bruker Avance III spectrometer.
A high-field 800 MHz NMR spectrometer has been in service since December 2009. The magnet itself has already provided excellent service for a decade at the ICSN in Gif-sur-Yvette. After a tune-up in Karlsruhe and transfer to IECB, a new console and cryoprobe will ensure up-to-date and continued top performance. The instrument will remain within the TGIR-RMN, which is the large-scale research infrastructure for very high field NMR within the french national agency CNRS. Funding for the necessary upgrades and installation of the spectrometer has been obtained from the Aquitaine regional government, the CNRS and the Universities of Bordeaux I and II. 800MHz

Contact details

Dr. Cameron Mackereth
Institut Européen de Chimie et Biologie
2 rue Robert Escarpit
33607 Pessac Cedex

Tel : +33 5 4000 3432
Fax : +33 5 4000 3432

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